Do you need help with your health issues?

How We Help

Alnahda Foundation is part of a network of medical aid workers with a special focus of helping refugees get access to fair and safe health  care. We will provide you with the best match of health experts and conduct closer follow up of your medical situation and the service you receive from our partners, offering guidance whenever needed.

If you are a refugee having difficulty paying for your drugs, Alnahda Foundation offers a limited amount of financial support for those in dire need of medical support. Alnahda Foundation offers the help according priorities and the weight of the situation  at hand.

Do you want to contribute to the health of your family and your community? Alnahda Foundation offers first aid, nursing and couselling courses that will enable you to be a solution in argent situations.

Join Our Health Training

First Aid

Take charge of your family’s health and empower your community with our life-saving First Aid Training program at Alnahda Foundation. Gain comprehensive first aid skills including CPR, wound care, and choking management. Learn necessary medical steps and general health information to keep your family and community healthy. Our interactive and culturally sensitive approach ensures an inclusive learning environment. Become a vital resource in emergencies and make a lasting impact. Register now at our website or contact us at Let’s build a healthier future together!

Nursing Basics

Attention refugees! Enhance healthcare access and open doors to rewarding job positions with our Nursing Training program at [Your Organization’s Name]. Acquire comprehensive nursing skills, including patient care and medication administration. Improve health access for the refugee community and gain job placement opportunities through our extensive network. Join us in making a difference and register today at our website or contact us at Empower yourself and your community through nursing.

Major Health Issues Refugees Face


Refugees often face malnutrition due to limited access to nutritious food during displacement. This can lead to deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals, compromising their overall health and well-being. Addressing malnutrition through targeted interventions and nutritional support is crucial for refugee population.

Mental Health Challenges

Refugees frequently experience traumatic events, displacement, and loss, leading to mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. Providing mental health services, including counseling and psychosocial support, is vital to address the psychological impact of displacement and promote resilience.

Infectious Diseases

Overcrowded living conditions, inadequate sanitation, and limited access to healthcare put refugees at higher risk of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, and respiratory infections. Implementing preventive measures, facilitating vaccinations, and ensuring timely access to healthcare can help mitigate the spread of these diseases.

Reproductive Health

Displaced women and girls face unique challenges related to reproductive health, including limited access to maternal and child healthcare, family planning services, and gender-based violence. Offering comprehensive reproductive health services, including prenatal care, safe childbirth, and support for survivors of gender-based violence, is crucial for the well-being of refugee populations.

Access To Primary Health

Refugees often encounter barriers in accessing primary healthcare services, including language barriers, lack of documentation, and unfamiliarity with the healthcare system in host countries. Establishing culturally sensitive healthcare systems, providing interpretation services, and facilitating outreach programs can help overcome these barriers and ensure equitable access to healthcare.

Chronic Diseases

Refugees may have pre-existing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or cardiovascular diseases that require ongoing management. Ensuring continuity of care, access to medication, and regular follow-ups with healthcare providers are essential to effectively manage chronic diseases in refugee populations.

How You Can Help

At Alnahda Foundation, we provide crucial support through medical grants to address major health issues faced by refugees. However, the impact of our grant is limited by available resources. By joining forces with generous supporters like you, we can extend our reach, provide essential healthcare services, and create a lasting impact on the health and well-being of refugee communities. Together, we can make a significant difference in their lives. Contact us at for more details.