Administration Staff Discussing About The New project

Administration Staff Discussing About The New project

Microsoft’s use of the Recordings and you agree not to institute any legal action based on any of the grounds specific in this section, and you waive all rights to any equitable relief in connection

Compliance with Laws.

You will comply with all applicable laws of the United States, your home country, and the country from whic you are attending the Event, including but not limited to international sanctions, export/import control laws, and government ethics and gift laws. You represent that registering for and participating in the Event does not violate any applicable or the internal policies of, and laws governing, your employer.

Government Employees and Officials

Microsoft is committed to serving its customers and partners with integrity and in compliance with all applicable legal and ethical requirements, including those related to anti-corruption and gifts to public or government officials. If you are (i) a government employee or (ii) employed by a government-owned or controlled company or (iii) treated as a government official in your country, you acknowledge and agree that unit ara enlals racnancihla far ancirina that unr


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